It can be daunting buying,hiring,borrowing new climbing gear especially when your safety is involved. Our guide to 'what to buy,hire, borrow, wear' should help point you in the right direction. The section covers most of the kit you would need for indoor climbing in London and touches on some of the climbing equipment you may need if you are thinking about heading farther afield.

Indoor Equipment covered:
-Climbing Shoes
-Climbing 'gear' - Carabiners, Belays and slings etc.
-Other gear rock climbing gear

What to climbing gear to buy, hire, borrow, wear?

Rock Climbing Essentials

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Climbing Rope

Most people climbing in London won't need to purchase a rope as most of the centres provide them on top-roped sections. However if you are going to lead climb then you will need to provide you own. There are tons of different rope manufactures, lengths, thicknesses and treatment options and the right rope will depend on what type(s) of climbing you will be doing. If you're looking at buying a climbing rope we recommend that you do your research and don't always go for the cheapest option

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