It can be daunting buying,hiring,borrowing new climbing gear especially when your safety is involved. Our guide to 'what to buy,hire, borrow, wear' should help point you in the right direction. The section covers most of the kit you would need for indoor climbing in London and touches on some of the climbing equipment you may need if you are thinking about heading farther afield.

Indoor Equipment covered:
-Climbing Shoes
-Climbing 'gear' - Carabiners, Belays and slings etc.
-Other gear rock climbing gear

What to climbing gear to buy, hire, borrow, wear?

Rock Climbing Essentials

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Carabiners / Karabiners

Are metal loops that perform multiple jobs when climbing. They are used mainly as a connecting loop for differing functions and are an essential piece of gear in any climbers arsenal. Again there are loads of manufactures and designs but to start off you should invest in at least 2-3 locking "screwgate" carabiners (shown in the image) as these are the most widely used variations You buy carabiners though our shop.

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