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New Registration and entry system at The Castle

All climbers, regardless of age and experience (novice or competent) are now required to complete a registration form. This can be sped up by completing the form online before you come arrive at the Castle.

Step 1: Which form is right for you?

Unsupervised Climbing and Bouldering Registration: All unsupervised climbers/boulderers must complete this form. If you can put on a harness, tie in and belay safely you will be classed as a Roped Climber. If not, you will be restricted to Bouldering Only.

Novice Supervision Form: All supervised novice climbers (regardless of age) must complete this form with their Supervising Climber. For novice climbers under 12, a parent/guardian may complete the form on their behalf.

Step 2: Watch the bouldering safety video.

This is required for Bouldering Only members. If you would like to enrol in a supervised bouldering session book onto the Discover Bouldering course.

Step 3: Fill out the registration form and complete the email verification.

Step 4: Finalise the registration process at Reception on your next visit.

The form will be kept on the system for 60 days. You will need to renew your registration every three years. You can upgrade your registration status at any time, for free.


I'm already registered at The Castle, do I need to complete this form?

Yes- we have changed entry systems and everyone must complete the new registration process. In accordance with industry guidelines, we will be asking all climbers to re-register every three years.

I'd like to purchase a payment plan or bulk buy- how do I do this?

You can do this at Reception.

Will I need to pass an assessment when I've arrived at the centre?

It is up to you to declare your competence for unsupervised roped climbing. If you're not sure, then you probably shouldn't be climbing unsupervised. You can still complete the registration form, but you may be restricted to Bouldering Only. Remember that you can upgrade your registration at any time, for free so once you have learned the skills required (belaying, tying in and putting on a harness) you can register for Unsupervised Roped Climbing.

How can I learn how to put on a harness, belay and tie in?

  • Learn to Climb courses (1, 2 and 4 day courses)

  • Private tuition (ideal for those just needing a refresher)

  • Come in as a novice under the supervision of an experienced climber (both you and the supervisor must complete the Novice Supervision Form

  • It's been a while since I've climbed. I'm not sure exactly how to to tie in and belay anymore. What are my options?

  • We recommend that you book in a private session with one of our instructors.

  • Ask our Duty Manager for further guidance. Please note that during busy periods (weekday evenings and weekends) the DM may not be available.

I was a bouldering only member, but would now like to register as a roped climbing member. Do I need to pass an assessment?

No, but you do need to complete the Registration form again so that we have the most current information available.

What if I've completed the wrong form or made a mistake?

Just fill in the form again correctly and let us know when you get to Reception that there may be multiple forms on the system. We'll delete the incorrect ones.

I'm an Under 18 assessed climber - how do I get the new membership card?

There is no need for you to fill in a new registration form. Once you have signed in at Reception, visit the Customer Service desk and we will add you to the new entry system and assign you a new card and take your photo.

I'm a novice climber with several supervisors (eg a child with both parents as supervisors)

You will need to complete one form for each novice/supervisor combination- this will be kept on our system for three years. When you and your supervisor come in, just let us know who is supervising you that day.

My details have changed- how do I inform you?

Either let Reception know next time you come in or you can complete a Registration form again and email us to let us know that your details have changed. The information on the new form will be transferred to your record.

I'm not sure if I have a relevant medical condition.

Does your medical condition potentially affect your ability to keep yourself and others safe? If so, are you able to manage it so that you are not putting yourself or others at risk? If you want a chat about how your condition may affect your ability to climb unsupervised, just give us a call or drop us an email- ask for the Duty Manager. All conversations will be treated sensitively and in confidence.

Do you have any other questions? Email and we may add your question to our list.

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